Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Teacher Action Inquiry

So what am I looking at this year. It really is an extension of what I was doing last year. I want to work with the children on how I can share my learning - both the content and the process. I began last year with this and explored ways that we could share this so I knew, they knew and so their parents knew. So much of what we do is about thinking and how could we share this, so traditional methods and tests didn't always show this. I explored SOLO last year and need to keep exploring this. I also did a lot of work with recording voice, drawing our learning, using statements/comments about what I knew then and what I know now and how I got there. I guess my ultimate aim is heading towards a digital portfolio that meets the needs of what we want to share, but that is also realistic/manageable in a class of 26 children. Last year I had 18 students so things were a little easier. I guess my first question I am posing myself is "What is a digital portfolio?" What does it need to have in it to show and share our learning?

I'm Back

Well I am back into using my blog. I can't believe how long the absence has been. I've been off exploring other forms of recording my thoughts and reflections but am going to be using my blog again for my new Teacher Action Inquiry.