Thursday, July 30, 2009

Spreading the Word

Ran a workshop at our itpd cluster conference on the first Saturday of the holidays along with the 2 other teachers from school who have been working with Literacy Circles. Was really good as one teaches new entrants, I teach Year 4 and the other has Year 5 and 6. We could show how it can be adapted and used for all ages and the different ways we have been using Literacy Circles and the different ways we record our thinking. We had video, blogging, audio recording, writing etc. Was good for me in seeing how I need to organise what I want to share before the Ulearn conference. Was great having the others and the questions they were asking and seeing how they have developed thinking in their children.

Had some good feedback from the session, a couple of teachers from other schools are now having a go and one from an intermediate has taken the idea of creating a wiki and having discussions online as she could see how the children's thinking is developing.

Am running a staffmeeting in a couple of weeks at another school so have a chance to try out things there too.

Am being asked again and again if this is like Reciprocal Reading. I have never used that so am reading up on it. Can see some similarities, but my gut is saying the Literacy Circles go further. Maybe someone else out there can help me become clearer about the similarities and differences.

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