Sunday, September 6, 2009

We are in a global community!!!!

How great is this!!!!!! Way back in May when we were reading Tomorrow is a Great Word by Janeen Brian we found her website and guest book and a couple of us signed in and posted comments to her. Here we are in August and we got replies from her. This is very exciting. It showed the children they really are part of a global community and that the world is so small. To add to the mix, Janeen lives in Australia but in 2005/6 she lived across the lake from us in Rotorua!!!!! If only we had known.....but then we hadn't discovered how much we liked her books then. If we'd met her, she might have been just another person we met.....we now have a connection to her through her books. Making connections is taking on so much more meaning to often are we asking children to have a deep and meaningful relationship with books and words and speakers they feel no connection we push them to make those connections...just a thought. If you want to see our posts and replies (humble as they are) go to and go to Tomorrow is A Great Word and then you will find a link to our page of her comments.

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