Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We're Expanding

I started expanding our Literacy Circles to my next reading group down and it is working out great. They are learning about the roles from the original group and I have 2 of them adding to the wiki after a week. It is great because they are reading a book the original group read and put on our wiki. They have been reading what they said about it and are getting ready to add comments and their own contributions. It will be good to see them challenge and ask questions of the original group (if they are brave enough).

Even have a mum who came along and learnt how to use it so she can be helping her child at home. Said it was great because she can come in to the wiki and see so much more of what he is doing each day and can talk about it with him and it will make the work they do at home so much more meaningful and relevant to what he is doing at school.

A funny, neat thing, I have one of my group who every week has been going back to our original book and is adding new things to an argument (discussion) she had right back in May. She is not convinced and wants to keep it going. If this had been just an oral discussion or in our reading book, she would not have been able to keep going back to it, rereading it, and adding to it. It is still live, still current in an on-line environment. Not 'done', put away and moved on from.

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