Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wiki Discussions

I have decided that the children will be blogging on our wiki site. Now I have been using it more, I know how it can work. For each book I have started a new page. As the children sort out their statements, ideas for their role they will start a discussion. The other members of the group can go in and read each discussion and comment, disagree, argue...

I am still not sure if this all means we are going to be duplicating real discussions we are having face to face. Guess what I am hoping for is that the children will be having face to face discussions, other people will hopefully be coming in to comment on what they have said. Will also be a place for them to add to their own thinking, keeping a record of their evolving ideas.

Greatest problem still at the moment is finding multiple copies of the books I want to use. "Tomorrow is a Great Word" is out of print. I have managed to find one copy on a used book site and it is being shipped from England. Luckily I have a big book copy already. This does make it harder as the books have got to grab me and the children. An issue I guess that needs to be addressed is that the books we have in school that have multiple copies are pretty lightweight and I don't believe will do much to promote discussion. Perhaps I am underestimating them?

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