Monday, April 27, 2009


Showed the kids our wiki and we talked about the literacy circle roles and started a few discussions. Nothing too deep and meaningful yet, the kids just want to post, post, post. They are itching to add to discussions. Most of the group has now joined wikispaces so they can work from home. Some of these are children  are reluctant to do homework, but here they are working at 4:30pm from home. I wonder/hope this level of enthusiasm will keep up.  Somehow I think it will.

Had an interesting moment yesterday. While showing the kids how to post a discussion, I was typing while they talked. I'm a pretty fast typer, but one of the girls told me my typing can't keep up with her thinking. She was frustrated because she had to stop and back track and remember what she'd been saying. (Sometimes not a bad thing) but talking straight into a recorder is perhaps the way for her.

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