Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blog Junkies

I do believe my children are turning into blog junkies. Might be time to have the conversation about only commenting or blogging if we have something further to add. Interestingly, if I wait, the children are beginning to monitor each other and starting to ask why someone has said something and asking them to add further to their post.  On the other hand today when the children were all adding to the discussions on their individual computers, I had one child say, "Can't I just run across and ask what they mean." 

The first face to face discussion we had about our story I noticed 3 children not contributing. When we went to blogging our thoughts, these same 3 were almost the first to post a comment and one in particular was asking about what a word meant (she would never do that in a group discussion.

Another teacher at school is doing Literacy circles without the blogging and is now feeling inspired to try it to see if she can find the next level of enthusiasm and particularly the want from the children to contribute from home etc. 

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