Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Goodness, video certainly stifles my children's discussions. They kind of clam up and just look to the camera...Guess by doing more they will get used to it. Also thinking...my children just don't have the experience of discussing in a group. They are kind of used to Round Robin talks where they contribute in turn and don't really just contribute freely. Even if we are reading a story and talking about things, it is usually directed through me as the teacher, taking turns. So many skills to learn and do.  

The blogging for the sake of it tends to have tapered off and as we are learning more about the roles, it is taking longer for the children to post as they are now putting more thought and research into what they are putting up. Guess this is also the second week of working with the book so our initial questions are asked, we are now looking at deeper thinking to try to answer some of our questions.

Having technology that works is the biggest frustration. Of the 6 desktop computers in my room, 1 is working at the moment!!!!! Thank goodness for two laptops and a suite with enough computers. Blogging is great and working in online environments fantastic - if you get on there.....


  1. Hi Robyn
    I was a bit surprised by the video comment - and my first mental question was "who was holding the camera?" because my experiences when kids are is quite different.
    TOn further reflection I also wanted to comment that in "formal" research projects that use video there is usually a couple of weeks acclimatisation so the children get used to it being there if it is in the background.
    Last but not least, my ten year old and a friend have been playing with the whole "iCarly" concept and an important part of their learning process is planning what they will say to avoid the multiple "um...yeah" interludes. I think we are all so used to teleprompted television we forget that people don't naturally talk like that. Maybe you are seeing some of that in your video as well - my impressions of children sharing is they quite often pause and think midway in a sentence.

  2. Hi A learning curve for me that I have not put the necessary time into having the camera just running to get the children used to it. I agree also about the wait time for children to get their thoughts organised. I think for me it was a little of what I was hoping for and expecting, didn't quite happen. You get that in education. I believe my children are getting to the planning stage more and although I want their first thoughts, I also want the depth so need to scaffold this. We are having a voice recorder running all the time to capture the natural discussions and also the video camera now. Thanks for the comments, given me some food for thought.