Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tomorrow is a Great Word by Janeen Brian

Am starting a new story tomorrow (Monday). We are going to try to move on from us all doing each role to beginning to take on the different roles ourselves. I am going to work this time with 2 children per each role so they can support each other as it is all so new  for us still. I am going to take on the role of Questioner for this book as I want to still show them the depth I will be expecting for that role. Tomorrow will be just reading the story and setting them the task for each role and hopefully Tuesday we will start getting into the roles. As they initially read the story I will get them to circle words they are unsure of or find unusual so they can ask the Word Detective to explore those words if they have not covered them. 

A bit unsure of how to have both face to face discussions as well as the blog discussions. Guess this will play itself out in time, at what point do we need the face to face?....

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