Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Contact with Author and Inspiration

Feeling really pleased with myself as I found the authors website and have emailed her. She seems to be the kind that responds to people so might hear back from her. She has written so many books, I like the look of a few others. (Trust me to pick the only one out of print). 

Also made contact with Laura Candler who is pretty much the brains behind Literature Circles. Every search I make comes up with her resources and if not hers then they refer to her. I am using some of her role sheets and on her site she had said that people were free to use them in their class and school. Because I want my wiki to be a one stop resource place, I really wanted to upload her sheets. Emailed her and asked her permission to do that and she emailed back within a couple of hours and said it was fine, just make sure the credit line is there. Think it is great to acknowledge the work she has done in making the resources and would never claim them as my own, but feel a lot more comfortable that she knows I am using them and will be able to have them on the wiki. She has many, many resources and thoughts about teaching so well worth people visiting

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