Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Surface Features

Had an interesting chat with the children the other day over the cluster map on our wiki showing where people who are viewing our pages come from. They were very excited to see an American hit. I do believe it made them start thinking a little more about spelling and about punctuation and whether their posts were able to be read clearly by others. (May also have been their own comments to each other about what do you mean etc). Had one of the girls writing a list and she suddenly saw how much easier it would be if it had comma's separating the ideas. Real audience = caring about what we write, paying attention to detail??? Hope so. I am starting to see some differences, hope others will too soon. So easy to see the mistakes, not so easy to see the development of thinking etc.


  1. Hello Robyn

    I work with Tia at Hira School and she has been telling me about Literacy Circles. I have been looking at the material on your blog and wiki and I am keen to give them a go.
    Kind regards

  2. Hi Jane. I highly recommend them. I love the depth we are beginning to get with them and can see how much more will come from using them. I believe it really is helping us to be focussed on a particular part of the story so we are looking in depth. Before I tried to cover so much about a story in each session, this is clarifying what we are learning - while still allowing us to go off and explore more.

    What area of the school do you teach in? We have now got a Y5/6 teacher and a NE teacher trying them because they loved what we were doing. They are equally enthused by what is coming from their children so whichever level you are in, there are people at our school you can discuss things with. Our NE teacher has been using the Lion in the Meadow for her book after seeing it used in Tia's work so it is great to see our work getting out there and enthusing others.