Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Over a Hurdle

The children had hit a bit of a block and were finding it a bit more difficult with the roles. We talked about it and did some discussions together and seem to be over the hurdle and getting more of our role completed. It is great that although the children had an assigned role, they still feel able to slip into a different role if need be. I am finding the children are starting to revisit old discussions and questions and adding further to what they have previously said. Shows me they are constantly thinking about it. Love having the discussions still there to go back our books or on charts, we move on and tend to stay moved on and don't seem to go back to things. Once our thought is there, it is there for life. On the wiki we are able to change our mind, clarify things, explain more.

Most of the children I feel are becoming more specific in what they are writing (others still need to be reminded), early days still. I like in the word detective section, the children are beginning to refer to the page and what sentence a word was in - keep saying in their running records that their needs are about vocab in the context it is used and about getting evidence from text to support answers. Feel like I am beginning to target this now.

Had a funny moment the other day (am I creating monsters). One of the children asked the word detectives if they knew what a word meant. I asked if he had tried looking himself, and he said "No! I am making them do their role properly, I am busy doing mine!" You had to hear the tone that went with it......

Nearly time to move to a new story although I do think there is so much more to get out of this book. Will have to think of what is best over the long weekend.


  1. Rob, i finally made a connection to your page and i love the coloured boxes. How did you do that?

  2. Hi Jan, nice to see you here. I accidentally found the coloured boxes. Up the top where it says customise, go in there and then in fonts and colours. On the left hand side it has different headings like main blog colour and a colour pallet, then links colour, side bar colour etc. I think that is what you mean. I just started clicking and accidentally changed things and liked that. Cheers