Wednesday, May 20, 2009

News is Spreading

Also feel really good that a couple of other teachers are working with the Literature Circles too. One in Junior and one in the Seniors so I am able to get a look at how they work throughout the school. We are all using them differently but in just a short time can see how deeper the thinking is. The junior class used the story - The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Some good connections to be made there with ourselves. Quite keen to try that story out myself now. Great to have others to talk to it about, it's hard to share with others who are not sure what you are on about. But slowly the word is creeping out.

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  1. Thank you for letting me have some time with your e-fellow lady. She also told me about Tia who is working with new entrants and this morning I have been looking at her work with picture books. I reckon I can combine literacy circle work and some of the e-learning things she is doing wth the picture books -Things like videoing their role plays.Lorraine said I can borrow her little video camera if I want so I will try to get hold ofher. I like it when I can see really relevant moments for ICT in our learning.