Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Woo Hoo Moment

We read our new story today. Had the video running and the voice recorder and it didn't phase the children at all with it going, so that was good. 

Had such a neat moment today. At the end of the story one of my children said out of the blue, "I can make a connection between this and the 3 little pigs story we read - they are both about fear. Different kinds of fear, but there was fear in both stories." It was just so neat, he went on to tell us about his experiences of being in an earthquake and how scared he'd been, and how she must have been really scared. It was just so great for me that so early in our work on Literacy Circles and the roles, that he clearly saw something and was sharing it.

It worked out today that the children asked for different roles, some interesting choices but they were the roles they felt they could contribute to the most for this story so great. Am heading to them making those choices and they've done it early for me. 


  1. Good Morning
    Would I be able to have a copy of your latest book that you are sharing with the children in the literacy circle please, so I can see how things all work.

  2. Thanks for lending me the book -I enjoyed reading it. Already I can see that it is really important to select the right kind of book - one that lends itself to all the roles that your literacy circle is working on.
    I am trying to think of a book that my NE might work on. I guess with my beginner readers (top group at blue level)I wonder if a shared book would work?? Can we all do the roles at the beginning so we learn them??

  3. Book choice is so important, but then you can be surprised with where a book can take you. We started with all doing each role. I believe for some books the illustrator role is very important. If they can imagine and picture in their head a scene then they are showing understanding of the characters and setting. For this book, the illustrators have spent a lot of time planning their pictures. Shared book is fine. Good luck.