Thursday, May 7, 2009

Good Session Today

Had a session with the children today where they were being word detectives and really felt they were thinking with their posts. They are starting to see that their discussions are for a wider audience than them, if they explain what a word means, they might help someone further away, doesn't have to be just for the group.

Was great today as the kids put some good online dictionary sites on our Word Detective Page on our wiki. They decided that would save them wasting time searching through millions of sites when they search for a definition.  Wish I'd been that clever ages ago, the hours I spend searching for things. Getting the idea of the difference between a phrase and a word and how searching for a meaning needs to be done differently.

I think they love the fact that all their work is right where they left it, no book to find, no paper to lose.


  1. I have just been reading through your blog and the class one ,so I can learn about Literacy Circles. The depth of the chidren's thinking is so much better than what comes from just talking. I like the way the other children are starting to challenge some of the things Emily has posted too.

  2. Hi Tricia. I think there is a shift in the way the children are posting now. In the beginning it was for the sake of it, but I think we are getting better. We are moving onto a much meatier book next and it will be neat to see what comes of that.

  3. Hi Robyn
    The more I learn about literacy circles I think they should be part of our schools literacy 'plan'.
    Reading through the children's blog and the careful questions and comments you pose to help their learning to grow, I can at last see why people are into blogs. (Is it OK for me to put comments on your blog???)

  4. It is great having the feedback and especially as you know the children I am dealing with so you know the potential depth we should be able to get. Absolutely post away. It is good for me to see if I am heading the right way or if it is the wrong path or if there could be a better path, I'd love to hear.